Formex & Oslo Design Fair


When life starts to take off again and winter released its stronghold is the time to capture the feeling of summer again. We have built an inspiring environment for you.
Visit us, be inspired, feel the creativity flow. Time to enjoy!

Formex & Oslo Design Fair is approaching, we are bringing Soft Symphony, a collection that has all that matters for the summer, the inviting colors, the rustic wood urns and they handmade candle holders. Cushions for lazy days on the patio and our beach mattress for the beach as examples of wonderful news.

The materials are natural and feels more clear than ever.

In Soft Symphony, old and new meet in a nice balance that invites for party.

Formex | January 14-17 | Mount A16: 10

Oslo Design Fair | January 22-24 | D02-24

If you want to get in touch with us and book a meeting during the fairs, please contact us at

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