Our journey

to our world…

In 1987, Boel & Jan AB started up by siblings Boel and Jan, focusing on fashion fa- brics and sales to the retail industry. As the company grew, the range of home textiles was widened, where demand for ready-made home textiles such as curtains, pillows, tablecloths and rugs was quickly seen. Our designs is based on the rustic Scandinavi- an way with a feeling that lasts over time.

”With inspiration from Scandinavian contemporary form and color scale, we create a desire and see op- portunities to create unique rooms and environme- nts that breathe soul & attitude”

A strength over the years has been our wide product range and our prompt re- sponse to our customers, something that is constantly evolving. Our clear concept where we consistently work with a red thread that runs through the collections has been road-winning, bringing in new products that are right in time and har- monize with our existing assortment.

Through our shared ambition to create
relevant products where the requirements are high, we never stop, we challenge ourselves and constantly take new bold steps to remain at the forefront.

The journey continues…